Welcome to Gurteen Bay
Caravan Holiday Park.

We are located in one of Irelands most picturesque and serene spots. A stones throw from the pristine white sand of Gurteen Bay, just metres from the rolling waves casting off cystal clear turquise tones, and with a backdrop of Errisbeg Mountain ever present and changing its complexion with different swings in the Irish weather, Gurteen Bay Caravan Park offers a stunning place to have a holiday.

Gurteen Bay is located on a unique prongliked inlet with two bays at the crest. Dogs bay is just 2 minutes walk and there are numerous secluded bays on the peninsula. The area is also inhabited by several wildlife species and the tip offers both a fabulous sunset and breathtaking views of Inish Laken Island and the Atlantic Ocean. A look the other way will present the view of the ominous 12 Bens.

Roundstone Village has deservably earned a reputation for itelf as the most desireable place to holiday in the West of Ireland. Located on the edge of the sea and overlooking the 12 Bens, it still retains its traditional Irish Charm and you will still see fisherman in Galway Hookers whilst dining in any one of handful of reputable restaurants.